HB is a global, multi-channel retail brand that combines technology and Footwear. Founded in 20013 by Goodrich International, We’re now on a mission to revolutionize Footwear. Our goal is to be the world’s most Technology-centric footwear brand by giving customers useful technology for exactly what they need. Technology for a “24/7 Generation”. Patented technology that enables our shoes to do incredible things, like recognize other footwear or clothing, alert caregivers if children or Alzheimer’s patients leave a set area. Footwear that can take vitals and send via text, notify emergency services when needed. Hunting boots that see in the dark, and so much more. We’ve secured a lot of incredible press over the years including Good Morning LA, Digital Trends, Gear Junky, International Business times, Footwear News, and many, many more. We’re on track to become a significant international retailer over the next 5 years and are hunting for people as ambitious as we are to join the team.

Goodrich International

Goodrich Int. designs, develops and sells a family of proprietary connected Footwear for Medical, Retail,1st responder,Military applications